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Bathroom Remodeling

We give your project personal attention to ensure your bathroom remodel project is a success. We don’t have salesmen, we come ourselves! The same person you meet to design your bathroom remodel, is the same person that will come to your home to verify everything with you and be there throughout every step.


If you are tired of looking at your tub, or outdated tile, well we can help with that! Many times, people end up with a bathroom that doesn’t quite fit their needs. Some don’t really need another tub, and some want to be able to actually turn around in their shower!

Before you contact us:

these are some things that you should think about for remodeling your bathroom.

Who will use this bathroom?

If you plan to live there more than a few years you can customize your master or kid’s bath to meet your needs. The vanity can be at a height that suits you best.

How many people use the bathroom at the same time

Depending on space available, do you want a double vanity? Tub or shower for 2? Is privacy for the toilet important?


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