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One of the easiest ways to improve your home life is to make sure that you’re receiving enough light…

Electrical Service

Do you have a small project?  We’re excited about the opportunity to service your next handyman project.  We’re more than confident that we can meet your expectations for all of your home and small business project needs. We are pretty sure that you could go through your home and find at least 10 things you’d like to repair or have avoided completion long enough. These are just some of the things we can assist you with. We’ll have your items crossed off in no time, giving you the freedom to getting back to life uninterrupted by nuisances.

Electricity is the nervous system of any home. It makes our life easier and safer. It is important for every aspect of our day, and we can help you create or restore this system.

Our Services Include:

Panel Upgrade
If you have to keep resetting your breakers, chances are you need a panel upgrade.
Recessed Lighting
Recessed lighting gives a very clean look to your living room, kitchen, or any other room in your house.
Whole House Rewire
If you are building a new house, or if the wires of your house are deteriorating, The Handyman Experts has you covered!
Electrical Troubleshooting
Lights keep flickering? Are your appliances tripping the breaker? Is one of your wall outlets not working? Our experts can troubleshoot any electrical issue.
Dedicated Circuits
A dedicated circuit helps ensure appliances that draw lots of power do not disrupt other appliances or lights in the house.
Landscape Lighting
Is your front yard or backyard lacking light? Our experts can install beautiful outdoor lighting.
Motion Sensor Lighting
Save energy and scare off intruders with lights that only turn on when there is movement in front of them.
Bathroom Exhaust Fan
Protect your bathroom walls from condensation and get rid of odor by installing a new bathroom exhaust fan.
TV Installation
Our experts will mount and install any TV in any room in your house.

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