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Room Addition

Home expansions have become very common. One of the main reasons our clients consider a home addition is to accommodate their growing families. The most common type of room addition is a grand master suite and a spa like master bathroom. Our Project Managers have room additions down to a science. We work on the technical details of the expansion, while setting you up with everything you need to cover the more exciting tasks like: picking tile, selecting wooden elements, finish fixtures, color theme, etc. You’re assigned Project Manager Partners with you on all aspects of the addition from start to final inspection. Things to consider before your next addition:

Why get a new house when you can just add on?

Many times, when families grow people don’t want the headache of going to look for a new house, especially when they like the one they currently live in! This is a great situation where a Woodland Hills room addition is the perfect solution. You can add more square footage to your house to fit your requirements which is always a big plus when you sell the house.

How long does it take?

A room addition can take anywhere from 4 to 120 weeks. This all depends on the size of the project and on major details.

Can you afford it?

The Handyman Experts builders saves you money! We manage projects efficiently to reduce the labor time and prevent having to redo work. We use the best-trade skill workers to complete projects quickly.


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